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Sheena Kelly


Sheena Kelly

My name is Sheena Kelly and I am a fully qualified counsellor/psychotherapist. As a therapist, I primarily use a holistic and integrative style, with a grounding in the person-centred approach. I believe people are the experts in their own lives. By providing the right conditions and using a number of approaches, they can find their way to their own healing, purpose, and self-acceptance, in order to direct their own lives.

I hold a degree, and a higher diploma, in psychology from NUIG, and have a background in social care which has given me a distinct understanding into the challenges people face in their everyday lives, and potential blocks to them achieving the life they desire.

I provide a confidential, calm, non-judgemental space for you to explore difficulties you are experiencing in your life. By working together, I endeavour to help you develop a relationship of trust, connection, openness and acceptance with yourself, and with others.

I am committed to, and feel deeply passionate about my role as a counsellor and psychotherapist. I solidify this commitment by engaging in continuous professional and personal development.

Some of the issues I can help with are:
Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Sexual/Physical/Emotional Abuse, Grief, Loneliness, Suicide, Professional Burnout, Self Esteem, Self-Worth, Sexuality and Self Care.

Contact Details:
Sheena Kelly
Phone: (089) 4226919

Sheena Kelly
Sheena Kelly
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