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The Triskel Centre is in operation in Salthill since October 2003 and is under the management of Bernadette Glynn. Triskel is a vibrant, bright healing place where practitioners of alternative and complementary medicine, yoga, meditation, etc. can meet, welcome their clients and run their workshops and classes.

We have six practice rooms which are all comfortably furnished and enjoy natural light.

We also provide a large workshop room, Seomra Danu. This warm, attractive space, with natural wood and lots of natural light is the perfect place for yoga and exercise classes, meditation, mindfulness, group work and talks. We have the added advantage of free parking.

We are a team of professional practitioners experienced in our fields such as homeopathy, EFT, acupuncture, massage therapy, counselling and psychotherapy to name just a few. We would be delighted to welcome new, qualified practitioners to join our team.

At the Triskel Centre, the rooms are available for half a day per week, full days per week or you can choose to have your own private room. We adapt to your requirements and schedule to provide you with a safe, quiet and bright environment for you and your clients.

Don’t hesitate to call me on 086-8517488 to get a tour of the premises or for more information.

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