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Hello, my name is Sara Howlin, LicBSHom, ISHom, I graduated from the Burren School of Homeopathy in 1999 and have been running a busy practise since then at The Triskel Centre, Salthill, Galway. I am a registered member of The Irish Society of Homeopaths.

As the worlds second most widely used form of medicine. homeopathy can offer healing solutions for a huge variety of illnesses.It is a safe gentle system of medicine, which can be used from birth into old age. It is also safe to use along side of other medications and therapies. The following is a brief list of some of the ailments which can benefit from homeopathic treatment: allergies.asthma, eczema, anxiety, depression, IBS, arthritis. It can also be used to treat more acute illnesses eg.coughs, colds, colic, flu and tummy bugs and is therefore a very useful system of medicine for families to use.

I have a particular interest in pregnancy, birth and women's health issues, and have many years of experience in this area.The area of mental health is also of special interest to me, homeopathy can be used to treat anxiety, depression and stress related  issues, in adults, teens and children.


I am extremely committed to the care of my patients and the practice of homeopathy. For more information about homeopathy and how it can help you please see contact me.


Contact details: phone 0879262669, (091) 593526


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