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Mary Murphy

Alexander Technique

Mary Murphy

When I first encountered the Alexander Technique I recognised how it could enhance well being both outside and within the workplace. I now teach the technique to employees in workplaces and to individuals here at the Triskel Centre.

Through the Alexander Technique we learn about where we hold harmful tension and how to release that tension. It involves becoming aware of and changing detrimental habits. The Alexander Technique teaches you among other things how to move with greater ease and how to breathe more efficiently. Learning and practicing the technique will also help to reduce mental stress.

Many people now working from home at computer workstations complain of neck / shoulder and lower back pain associated with prolonged use of their workstations. Learning and practicing the technique can help eliminate pain and discomfort associated with poor postures and prolonged sitting.

Students can learn the technique through a series of one-to-one lessons, or if they prefer through weekly workshops with other students.

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Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy
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