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Anna Swiston

Psychotherapist (Gestalt) and Psychologist 

Anna Swiston

Anna is a Gestalt Psychotherapist/Counsellor. She trained in Ireland and is accredited with the Irish Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP). Anna is originally from Poland where she did her Master’s in Psychology. As an accredited Psychotherapist she is in continuous supervision and takes part in CPD courses/workshops, that allow her to upskill in different areas.

Anna has worked in NUIG, Let’s Get Talking and her own private practice. She has a vast amount of experience working with children, young adults and adults.

As a Psychotherapist, she focuses on the psychotherapeutic relationship with her clients, where any problem can be processed in a safe setting. Anna spent 17 years working with clients on the Autism Spectrum and throughout those years she has developed specialized skills which allow her to fully support the parents of children who are diagnosed with autism.

If you feel that you may be struggling with: depression, post-natal depression, bereavement, loss, child loss, self-injury behaviours, addiction, trauma, miscarriages, expected or unexpected pregnancies, childhood adverse experiences, diagnoses of your own child, parental difficulties, body image issues, communication issues or if you are going through a life transition; divorce, mid-life crisis, break up, job change; and you need support, contacting us may be a good idea. If you have found yourself in an abusive relationship you may want to leave it, but you don’t know how, getting support is a good choice.

Anna focuses on: your potentials, creative adjustments, building a support net, checking a system of beliefs and repertoire of behaviours, learning new skills. She is there to support you in your growth. Anna presents an eclectic model of work with her clients with her experience and education. Each program is tailored to client’s needs and resources. Anna uses in her practice elements of: Gestalt, CBT, ABA, movement, dance, therapeutic movement, meditation, relaxation technics, therapeutic exercises, art. All she has to offer is discussed with a client. A healthy Boundary, mutual respect, safety, dignity, care is a key in Anna’s work with clients.

**The clients with addiction difficulties will be seen by Anna with condition that they will cooperate with other services to expand their support net.

Contact Details:
Telephone: 085 751 8997

Anna Swiston
Anna Swiston
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