Miriam has a degree in Social Science and a Post Graduate in Applied Social Studies which has formed the basis of her work over the last 30 years. She has a Diploma in Kinesiology and completed many courses in energy work. She is a Reiki Master, a member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiologists and The Reiki Federation.


  • Its like going to 4 practitioners in one! Nutritionist; Chiropractor, Counselor & Energy Worker.

  • helps remove problems before they manifest in your body as serious symptoms.


  • is a gentle, powerful, hands-on healing therapy used throughout the world by people of all creeds and belief systems

  • is the ultimate stress reduction technique


  • work by tapping with the fingertips on points on the body to bring about lasting change.

  • releases trauma and changes the past so our body can heal



  • Emotions cause physical reactions in our bodies which is the underlying cause of ?symptoms we have.

  • What we learn during the first five years of our life determines most of our patterns, our attitudes and our way of handling situations for the rest of our lives.

KINESIOLOGY, COUNSELLING REIKI AND EFT HAVE BEEN FOUND TO BE EFFECTIVE WITHAbuse Issues; Acne; Addictions; Allergies; Anxiety; Depression; Digestive problems; Dyslexia; Fears / Phobias; Food Sensitivities; Grief; Goal Setting; Guilt; Headaches; Hormonal Problems; Joint Pain; Learning Difficulties; Low Energy; Lack of Confidence; Migraines; Mood Swings; Panic Attacks; Pain Relief; Relationship Issues; Stress; Tiredness; Weight Problems; Vertigo

Miriam uses the skills of Kinesiology, Reiki, EFT & Counselling to bring a unique holistic approach to alternative medicine.

To learn more visit www.thehealingplace.ie

Your Health is Your Most Valuable Possession. Let Me Help You Take Care of It

MIRIAM WRIGHT  Tel. 089/4682368

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