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Alexander Technique Teacher, Yoga teacher And Exercise Physiologist. MSc,BSc, ISATT, STAT, APTAE


After a career in finance for high-profile companies in Madrid, Pittsburgh, Milan and Bilbao, which lasted for over ten years she began suffering from back pain and postural problems. She discovered she had two bulging disks (L4 and L5) and doctors told her she needed to undergo a risky operation.That’s what led her to train as an Alexander Technique and now she has been able to function and lead a normal, active life which includes raising two young children, training at the gym and running. Alazne has been working as an Alexander Technique therapist and educator for the past five years, both at the training course at the Alexander Technique Centre Ireland, Galway, and as a private practitioner holding individual and group classes and therapy sessions both in Ireland and abroad (Spain, Italy, Hungary and the Basque Country).


Alazne has been working with a variety of patients and students who have suffered from back pain, stress, different types of injuries (knee, neck etc.), cardiovascular diseases or cancer and she has seen first-hand the benefits of the Alexander Technique in improving their cognitive and somatic function. Drawing from her training as an Alexander Technique teacher and the MSc in Exercise physiology, she has developed a unique approach to exercise and re-education which focuses on avoiding strain and injury. Backache, stiff neck, headache, arthritis? Alazne can help you improve your posture and reduce the harmful tensions that cause these and other problems.

The Alexander Technique addresses the repeated unconscious patterns that lead to stress and pain.

Contact Details:

Phone: +353 0863545692



'You translate everything physical or mental or spiritual, into muscular tension.' F.M. Alexander.

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