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Aideen MacInerney is a qualified psychologist and an accredited Cognitive Behaviour therapist with Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy Ireland, under The Irish Council of Psychotherapists.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an evidence based therapy which helps people to get past emotional problems and improves their quality of life.

A significant part of CBT is to establish realistic ways of thinking which are enabling and wholesome rather than negative and injurious. I have a qualification in mindfulness, a practice I recommend to still the racing mind.

I encourage clients to feel compassion for themselves which is heeling in its own right. This is useful for clients with high levels of self-criticism and shame who can develop a more soothing attitude towards themselves through self-compassion. My training as a CBT therapist enables me to assist a client develop acceptance of both positive and negative experiences and to commit to goals in life based on their values.

Some of the conditions I treat are:


Anxieties - fears


Depression - loss


Social anxiety (shy)


OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder




Racing mind


Negative emotions


Health problems – coping


Health anxiety – hypochondria

Anger management

If you cannot identify your problem, please contact me to discuss it.

MOB: (+353) 086 355 8285




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